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Winter Motorhome Hire in Aberdeen

Winter can be a long time for most people. With drawn-out nights, going to and coming home from work in the dark, cold spells, the need for multiple layers and the bitter chill of winter weather, it can feel like a long time until the joy of long sunny days at the seaside.

However, that is forgetting the magical and beautiful experiences of the colder months. The long nights mean cosy evenings by an open fire, flasks of hot beverages under the winter stars and that beautiful fresh frost upon the Scottish greens every morning. For this reason, exploring Scotland in a motorhome is the best winter getaway everyone should try at least once. As a company that offers motorhome hire in Aberdeen, we explore all the reasons to visit the magical city and what there is to do in the surrounding areas.

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Snowboarding and Skiing in Aberdeen

For those who enjoy the thrill of skiing and snowboarding, the Scottish Highlands offer several outdoor skiing resorts. Three resorts are located in the beautiful mountain regains of Cairngorms National Park, with one situated in the Glen Coe valley. They offer an excellent opportunity to strap on your snowboard or skis throughout the winter months and achieve that rush as you weave down the slopes. As these resorts rely on natural snow, the slopes are only open from December to April and heavily depend on the weather.

However, if you still fancy hitting the slopes whilst visiting the city, there are dry ski slopes in Aberdeen open all year round. Adventure Aberdeen Snow sports Centre boast the only dry slopes in Aberdeen and is perfect for all ages and abilities. They offer ski and snowboarding lessons for beginners and a selection of slopes for all capabilities. So if you are a bit early for enjoying the Highlands, this activity centre can provide a great day of skiing without waiting for the snow.

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Experience the Beautiful Northeast Coast

Possibly the most beautiful coastline in Scotland, Aberdeen’s shoreline offers stunning views all year round. One of Aberdeen’s hidden gems is the view from Torry Battery, where you can spot the beautiful dolphins jumping through the waves of the great ships as they enter the docks.

Throughout the summer, there are designated harbour and dolphin tours to experience, which run until November. These tours offer an in-depth history of the harbour and a chance to catch the beautiful mammals as they play in the waters. There is no guarantee that you will see dolphins, but the tranquillity of one of these tours is worth the trip. However, by parking up in your motorhome at Torry Battery car park for a few hours, you may catch a sneak peek of the dolphins throughout the winter months.

Visit Scotland has an excellent itinerary for anyone with motorhome hire in Aberdeen and looking for a relaxing four-day Aberdeen Coastal Trail to explore. The North East Aberdeenshire coastline offers beautiful excursions, and touring along the stunning route will provide many places of interest to stop off at, including Duff House and Stonehaven. At Stonehaven, an easy 30-minute drive from Aberdeen, you could enjoy the beautiful coastal views and explore the historical Dunnottar Castle and the stunning nature reserve at Fowlsheugh.

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Festive Events and Markets

The city centre has much to do throughout the winter months, including the magical Aberdeen Christmas Village. Each year, Aberdeen hosts an array of attractions for all the family. There are ice rinks, local Christmas markets, fairgrounds and enough food and drink to get you in the festive mood. These are organised annually where possible and can be found in the city centre of Aberdeen, not far from the harbour.

Catch the Impressive Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a beautiful natural occurrence which appears in the night sky and are often referred to as the holy grail of sky watching. Throughout this experience, you may catch the shades of blue and green waves that appear to be dancing.

Thanks to Aberdeen’s North East location, the city is known for the ability to spot the stunning Northern Lights. However, you may be lucky enough to experience this natural phenomenon in many locations across the North East coast.

Aberdeen City – Ideally, you will need to find high ground on the outskirts of the city centre where there is low light pollution.

Balmedie Beach – Just 20 minutes outside Aberdeen City Centre, this location has often been known for catching the Northern Lights.

Bennachie – Although an hour’s drive from the city centre, the views from this site can be spectacular and offers some of the best viewpoints.

Dunnideer Castle – Of course, if you want to tie in a place of interest as you seek the Northern Lights, an hour’s drive can offer you both opportunities. This castle is thought to date back to 1260 and provides a beautiful perspective of the blue and green hues.

Start Your Adventure The Right Way By Booking With JRK Motorhomes

Parks Galore to Explore

Winter is a beautiful time in Aberdeen, with the crisp frosted grass and the change of a beautiful white blanket falling over the city, more than you would find in more southern regions. Aberdeen is home to many stunning parks.

One of the most popular parks is Duthie Park, which offers an extensive but leisurely walk, ample children’s play equipment, an excellent café, and Victorian features. It is a great place to visit in all weather due to the tarmacked path throughout the park.

Whilst these are just a few reasons to visit Aberdeen for a winter getaway, there are many more. The best way to explore this beautiful city is with a campervan, and with the best motorhome prices in Scotland, there is no reason that touring is only for the summer. Please take a look through our motorhomes online to find your next adventure.

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